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Ayurvedic Massage

An ancestral practice for your Well-Being

 Known for its preventive virtues, the ayurvedic massage "Abhyanga" is a very complete treatment. This ancient and traditional massage from Kerala (India), not only nourishes and tones the different tissues of the body, but also rebalances the circulation of our biological "Doshas" moods on the physical, emotional and psychic levels.
Practiced in India for thousands of years, Ayurvedic massage is a sacred tradition, considered an essential therapy for the hygiene of daily life.

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Unique and innovative, our Signature "Ayur Sonore" treatment is the perfect combination for deeper relaxation.
This treatment, exclusive to Studio Sonantara, combines a traditional Ayurvedic massage with warm sesame oil (on the posterior part of the body), followed by a sound and vibration bath with the Tibetan singing bowls to conclude.
This formula is ideal to relieve the body and its tensions, improve energy flow and soothe the mind.

Duration: 1h15

Price: 70 Euros



The traditional ayurvedic massage "Abhyanga" is an excellent choice to relieve muscular and nervous tension. It mixes different rhythms and body shaping techniques to regain balance and lightness.
A treatment with multiple benefits, it helps to harmonize the body, but also the mind through its relaxing effect.
Practiced with warm sesame oil (organic) applied all over the body, the "Abhyanga" massage is beneficial for all ayurvedic constitutions.

Duration: 1h15

Price: 65 Euros

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